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Welcome in the macrame world. I am Brigitta Kulin, the dreamer and creator of MAMÉ macramé. I started my little ‘love’ business in September 2020, which has since developed a lot and added a lot of new products.

I have been involved in creative things in my life. Until now, I lived out my creative desire as a graphic artist, and then in 2020 I found myself, a new, special hobby, macrame making, from which I have now built a small business. Mainly thanks to my wedding, I fell in love with making macrame. I was planning our decoration when I decided that the main element would be a giant wall decoration that I would make. Then it all started…

Making macramé is a relaxation process for me. That’s when I switch off and give myself over to the joy of creating. I like to create, with which I can bring joy to others and at the same time to myself.

I created MAMÉ macramé because I want to pass on the special feeling I feel when making each product. I hope that I can smuggle that calmness and love into the everyday lives of those who buy from me.

The brand’s motto is to try to detach a little from everyday worries and notice the beauty and goodness that surrounds us.

Creating environmentally conscious products was an important aspect when starting my brand, so I only work with OEKO-TEX Standard 100% recycled cotton yarns. In addition, I only use recycled paper for packaging. Protecting our environment is important for ourselves, future generations and all living beings, so it is important for me to live as environmentally friendly as possible.

The MAMÉ macramé hit product is the DIY macramé package, which I started selling on the webshop in February 2021. The first package was the DIY ADINA macramé wall decoration, but since then the range of DIY packages has been expanded and currently 5 different #Do-It-YourselfMacramés are available in the webshop. You can choose from various wall decorations, wine racks and bags.

In the life of the brand, the year 2023 started with a huge development. We moved my macramé empire to a separate workshop, where we can now create together during the various workshops.

The world of MAMÉ macramé slowed down a bit after our little girl was born, but life didn’t stop after that, instead it picked up and I started the Baby MAMÉ line, in which you can find a lot of macramé baby room decorations and other household items.
Since 2022, I have had the opportunity to participate in PiciPiac several times, which was a huge step in the history of the brand.

In the MAMÉ macramé store, you can also find wedding decorations that you can rent for the big day. For those couples who decide on bohemian weddings, a macramé gate of happiness can be a great choice. You can choose from happiness gates, chandeliers, mason jar skirts, table decorations, chair decorations and many other decors.